KEYC - Panelists Gather At MSU For "We Have Ag!" Series

Panelists Gather At MSU For "We Have Ag!" Series

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Panelists gathered at MSU for 'We Have Ag!", to address 'From the Farm to our Plates:  Technology and Food' in a discussion Tuesday afternoon.

The series "We Have Ag!" is intended to highlight the University's distinctive academics, research and industry connections in agriculture, food and natural resources.

One of Tuesday's panelists was Mark Post, a medical doctor who is a professor of vascular physiology at a University in the Netherlands.  Post was featured in a 2013 New York Times article describing how Post made a hamburger from cow muscle grown in a laboratory.

"I'm going to talk about culturing meat from stem cells so an alternative way to produce meat as we know it," speaker Mark Post said.  "Now in a very biotechnological way to start with stem cells and then culture them and let them make meat."

For more information on the We Got Ag! Series, contact MSU's Office of the Provost by phone.

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