From your first meal of the day to your last, sugar is everywhere. Dr. Bob Gazzola, MD with Mankato Clinic said it's one of the most harmful foods we eat.

"It has no nutritional value, and in fact, it does kind of leech nutrients from us," Gazzola said. "It causes teeth decay, causes weight gain, contributes to cancer, diabetes, heart disease, all sorts of bad things."

Not all sugars are the same. Fruits and vegetables have naturally occurring sugars that are easy to digest.

Refined sugars, like found in pop and candy, often contains more harmful sugars, like fructose.

"The fructose will get picked by your liver, store it as fat in the liver and the rest of the body," Gazzola said.

It also can cause insulin resistance, a precursor to diabetes.

Those sugar cravings can also lead to a sugar addiction.

"There's this dopamine release in our brain, and with that, it has some addictive potential," he said.

Dr. Gazzola said you can prevent sugar addiction with an easy swap.

"If you want something sweet, stick with those things that are naturally sweet. Your fruits, your apples, your oranges," he said.

By just avoiding simple and refined sugars, you can prevent many health problems.

--KEYC News 12