Democrats and Republicans give the first inkling of who will be running for Governor next November, as Minnesota holds its 2018 caucus throughout the state.
In schools, churches, and community centers throughout the state, the most dedicated partisans among us take a Tuesday night to focus on politics. Not the flashy, top-level stuff on you see on cable news and your Twitter feed. But ultra local, from the state governor, down to the local rep, and even further down the totem pole to precinct delegates.

The current tally statewide as of 10 o'clock Tuesday night: On the DFL side with 35% precincts reporting - Congressman Tim Walz leads with 32.9%, State Auditor Rebecca Otto in second with 20.3% and Uncommitted rounds out the top three with 13.2%.
On the Republican side, with 92% of precincts reporting, the 2014 GOP nominee Jeff Johnson with a commanding 45.2% of the vote. Undecided captured 15.7% so far. And the former chair of the Minnesota Republican party, Keith Downey, has secured 14.5%.