If you live in Minnesota you're likely used to braving the cold and area schools are encouraging students to do just that.

Wednesday was Minnesota Safe Routes to School's second annual Winter Walk to School Day. It's meant to promote getting out and moving during the winter...it also pinpoints ways to make it safer for students to get to class...thanks to a partnership with MnDOT.
"To really focus on the safety so if there are schools that have opportunities to have safer routes to and from their communities that's something MNDOT looks at annually to provide funding for," MnDOT Public Affairs Coordinator Anne Wolff said.
Communities can submit grant applications for things like sidewalks, traffic signals, crosswalks, anything that will help make safe routes available.
"A lot of it is focused more on the sidewalks merging with trails, those opportunities for biking and walking so it's more of those opportunities if the school is in need of it," Wolff added.
TEAM Academy in Waseca is one of the many schools participating.
"It's kind of an education piece as well as ways to get kids physically active during the winter months," Health Coordinator with the Le Sueur-Waseca Community Health Board Megan Kirby said.

"When you're walking to school in the wintertime it's kind of a different layout and different setting. There's snow and there's different things that kids have to maneuver around to get to school," Kirby commented.
Participating schools are invited to submit their stories and photos to compete for the Golden Snow Boot Award, given to a school that comes up with a creative way to get involved.

--KEYC News 12