Tune Town in Old Town hasn't always been in the same place, but it's been a fixture nonetheless for audiophiles in southern Minnesota.

"I started Tune Town on October 1st, 1993 in Faribault, Minnesota. In 1997 we opened our second location in Mankato by the college in University Square. We were there for ten years, and then we went to the River Hills Mall," said owner Carl Nordmeier.

For a short period they even had a third store in St. Peter. But then Napster and digital downloads happened. Record stores throughout the country disappeared.

Now Tune Town is nestled in the perfectly retro surroundings of Old Town.

"When we first moved in here, the first customer that came in said "Now this is a record store. It felt like home. It was a good fit. It was tough going at first, because a lot of people thought we just closed," said Nordmeier.

But they were still open. And now actually growing, thanks to good ol' fashioned analog.

Nordmeier added, "The vinyl resurgence has helped us out. It was a huge bump. I think people like it because it's something that you own. You can download something, but you really don't own it. With this, you can touch it, feel it, look at it, the sound is much better than a digital download."

Who knew you could make it selling records in a record shop.

"Having music in your life helps. It's therapeutic I guess," said Nordmeier.