KEYC - Blue Earth Adding Sales Tax Proposal To Fall Ballot

Blue Earth Adding Sales Tax Proposal To Fall Ballot

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The city of Blue Earth is looking to add a half–percent sales tax to the ballot in the fall for voters.

The money raised would go toward park and recreation projects around the city as well as street reconstruction.

City officials say if approved, the new tax would be implemented by the state legislature in 2019.

Not only will citizens be voting on this new proposal, but visitors could also play a role if the bill goes through.

City administrator Timothy Ibisch said "We feel like it's a prudent choice to allow our voters to have the opportunity to have a say in what kind of revenues they want to raise. We also feel that it is possible that we can catch some of the tourists and things like that as opposed to raising it just on our local taxpayers."

Supporters project the city of Blue Earth would see $100,000-$150,000 in additional revenue with the new sales tax.

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