Annual checkups can be a big factor for men's health.

Dr. Bob Gazzola, MD with Mankato Clinic said these can give a glimpse into the numbers men need to pay attention to.

"It's not just about hey I've got this number, let's try to target it, it's about decreasing risks of significant health impacts, heart disease, strokes, etc," Gazzola said.

One to know is blood pressure. The new recommendation is to stick at 120 over 80 or less.

Another is cholesterol, but not just total cholesterol, he said to know how it breaks down.

"Some cholesterols are very beneficial, the HDL cholesterol, the high density lipoprotein, whereas the LDL is the bad cholesterol, you want that as low as possible," Gazzola said.

A third number is blood sugar.

"Because diabetes is so prevalent, because many patients don't recognize symptoms from it, it's important to know that number," he said.

BMI and waist measurements are two more numbers to keep track of.

For men, waist measurements should be under 40 inches and BMI should range between 18.5 and 25.

Those numbers keep weight and obesity in check.

However, he said one number that doesn't have to be a health indicator is age.

"People think that the calendar turning is kinda the end all, that that's aging, but you can truly reverse some of those effects by keeping yourself healthy," he said.

Staying fit, eating well and tracking important health numbers, are all key for men to stay healthy.

--KEYC News 12