Once a month, a group of morning people gather at the MSU Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship for a Social Media Breakfast.

The breakfasts occur across the country, and made their way to Mankato in June.

"We were looking for different kinds of events that help to foster innovation and entrepreneurship, and I thought that a Social Media Breakfast where you talk about social media and marketing would be a wonderful thing," CIE Director Dr. Yvonne Cariveau said.

Friday's breakfast brought in a local harpist and writer, Amy Kortuem.

She shared her secret to growing her personal and professional brand on Facebook, which brought in over 1,000 followers.

"Being authentic, being honest and using a lot of humor is very important and that's worked for me," Kortuem said. "That recipe has worked through the photos I share, the information I share."

She said this strategy has helped her sell out concerts through her Facebook page alone.

"I'm directly involved in the getting of people there, and the selling of tickets, and the really hands–on organizing of the event, but I think people like it that way," she said.

It's what she'll be doing as she promotes her next concert on March 17.

The next social media breakfast will be March 9th at 7:30 a.m.

The topic will be social media and agribusiness.

--KEYC News 12