KEYC - Good Counsel Hosts Early Chinese New Year Celebration

Good Counsel Hosts Early Chinese New Year Celebration

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Six Vietnamese women, who are currently studying English at Good Counsel, decided to share their early Chinese New Year celebration with the School Sisters of Notre Dame.

The event took place Saturday afternoon in the Good counsel Conference Center. The official date for Chinese New Year is Feb 16, 2018.

The sisters decided to celebrate earlier because they would not have time to celebrate on the actual holiday. 
The women decorated the conference room with colorful balloons and shared a video on Vietnam culture. Afterward, they passed out bible verses and performed a traditional dance for their guests.

Activity Assistant Tina Thoennes said she believed the girls wanted the audience to take away one thing.

"Just enjoy their culture and see how they celebrate life in Vietnam, share some of that with them," said Thoennes. "Because the sisters here are sharing so much with them about their culture, that they wanted to give back."
Thoennes said some sisters will head back to Vietnam to take their vows and become sisters; while others will remain in the states and become nurses.