Nearly 100 bowlers packed a bowling alley in New Ulm for the 15th annual Oak Hills Bowling Classic.

"Year after year they come for the fun,"Oak Hills Memorial Foundation Consulting Director Kathy Austinson said. "It's that cozy feeling of being together with friends and actually a little friendly competition."

While bowlers knocked down pins, Oak Hills is knocking a fundraising goal off their list.

"This year, we're finally going to raise funds for something that's been on the list for a long time, and that is a wheelchair–accessible walkway all the way around the living center," Austinson said.

It's this cause and fun time that brings some bowlers, like Tom Furth, back every year.

"My favorite part is seeing the friends and the camaraderie, and then of course, raising some money for the special projects the nursing home is working on," Furth said.

Austinson said they expect to raise around 12 thousand dollars, which will cover half the cost of the walkway.

--KEYC News 12