KEYC - Dicamba Application Training Session Held At Verizon Center

Dicamba Application Training Session Held At Verizon Center

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A training session for Dicamba application was hosted by Monsanto Monday afternoon at the Verizon Center.
Dozens of local growers gathered for Monday's training session.

The herbicide is now labeled as a restricted use pesticide which means applicators must go through training before the 2018 growing season.

Last year, farmers raised concern due to Dicamba's ability to drift and damage crops in neighboring soybean fields.

Vice President of Global Strategy for Monsanto, Scott Patridge, says when it comes to the application process it's critical to read and follow the label as well as using the right equipment.
"If these products are used according to the label and growers and applicators are trained and educated on how to properly use the product, they're going to have the highest yielding soybeans and have some of the cleanest fields they've had in 10-15 years. So the training is absolutely critical," Patridge said.
The free training session is being sponsored throughout the Midwest.

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