The Mankato city council rejected a measure that would raise the age to purchase tobacco to 21.

It failed on a 4-3 vote.

It puts a similar measure by North Mankato in jeopardy, because that ordinance change would only go into effect if Mankato followed suit.
As far as numbers in the crowd were concerned, support for Smoke 21 was near unanimous, with high turnout and easily identifiable blue shirts.

The idea is that it's people age 18-20 doing a lot of the buying for those under 18. And if you don't start when you're younger, the better your chance that you won't use tobacco at all.
The city's ability to enforce the decision falls almost entirely on the licensing side, which includes fines and potential suspension of a business's right to sell tobacco products.

18-20 year olds could still legally smoke. They just couldn't buy.

-- KEYC News 12.