Some of the Mankato West and East/Loyola skiiers have a busy day tomorrow as they compete at state.

For two dominant seniors it's one final race to a great rivalry.

The Scarlets Jaidan Rollings and the Cougars Jordan Risk have combined for seven state appearances.

The two ski for rival schools competing at a high level in every meet.

Both usually take first or second place trying to top each other for bragging rights because at the end of the day these two rivals are close friends.

"We have fun all the time if it's out here, if it's hanging out at whoever's house. Going out on a boat in the summer, we're always hanging out. It'd be weird here without him," said Rollings.

"Whether he wins a race, or I win a race, we never get upset about it, we're always happy for each other. Sections was super stressful for both of us, we wanted each other to finish. We've never gotten upset over each other winning over the other person, it's been awesome," said Risk.

"I actually love it, it's my best friend I'm skiing with every day. One wins, one doesn't, it always goes back and forth, and I love skiing against him," said Rollings.

"It's been a privilege to have Jordan and Jaidan here at the same time. The dominance they've had in all the races has been amazing. What they've done to push each other and bring everyone else along with them, an amazing couple of skiers, great careers for both of them, and they're really going to be missed," said Jon Andersen, head coach.

Mankato West's Nick Bohlke and East/Loyola's Spencer Steinbach are also competing at Wednesday's big meet.

We'll have more from the skiers Wednesday on KEYC News 12.