Schools in the Tri–City United School District will be getting a new look after voters approved a pair of bonding referendums.

"We had a great turn out and to have support on both questions is even another level of gratefulness that we have to our communities,” Supt. Teri Preisler said. 

Unofficial results show both questions on Tuesday's ballot were approved that will ultimately address growing enrollment and maintenance needs.

"It's been in the planning for months, but really years because the whole study started back in 2014,” Preisler said.

63 percent of voters supported the first request calling for $14.3 million to expand and help meet growing enrollment, as well as addressing critical maintenance needs.

"With the roof that was leaking, with the HVAC system that didn't get enough air movement and also securing our entries which is really necessary in today's world,” Preisler said.

A $7.8 million request for a theatre at the high school was also approved by 53 percent of voters.

"We'll be able to conduct our concerts, our plays, to be able to host state high school league events and also to have a location for all of our students to fit into for academic enhancement and opportunities," she said.

Preisler says it was important to ensure the referendum will impact the entire district as it serves three communities and surrounding areas.

"It's about building futures for our students, building futures for our families and building futures for our communities," she said.

Renovation is expected to be complete in the fall of 2019. 

The high school was planned before Le Center joined the Montgomery – Lonsdale school district, meaning it is already overcrowded, despite being built in 2012.

--- KEYC News 12