In the lead up to Minnesota's legislative session, Senator Nick Frentz said he has a set of goals he'd like to accomplish.

Frentz said bonding is a big topic on the agenda this year. This includes the MSU clinical science building, and he hopes to add on water mitigation.

He says lawmakers will also tackle how Minnesota fits into the new federal tax law.

Legislative funding, healthcare and affordable housing are a few more issues Frentz expects to be addressed.

"A lot of things that matter to individual groups of Minnesotans, anything from agriculture to business and we'll see what else happens when we get up there," Frentz said. "It should be a great session for our area."

Frentz also hopes to move forward with a bill that would protect first responders with PTSD in the work comp system.

Thursday we'll hear from Republican Representative Paul Torkelson.