KEYC - Barbershop Quartets Deliver Singing Valentines

Barbershop Quartets Deliver Singing Valentines

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Some area residents are letting their hearts sing this Valentine's Day, even if they're not the ones doing the singing.

The Mankato Riverblenders barbershop quartets delivered nearly 100 singing valentines around the Mankato area.

"This is really one of the best days of the year for us because we're delivering a loving gift from somebody," singer Thom Schubbe said. "We probably will sing 150 or 200 songs today. So as a quartet, it's very rare to get that kind of opportunity."

They say the reaction they get are truly one of the best parts.

"Some people are embarrassed and some people are just loving it," singer Matt Strom said.

"It brightened up my day, it was so nice to see the guys out there and a total surprise," valentine recipient Dr. Jennifer Johnson said.

Johnson received her singing valentine at work from her husband.

"He really outdid himself this year," she said. "To do something so different and unique and not just a bouquet of flowers, but something totally different."

With a rose and a few songs, The Riverblenders make for a lasting Valentine's Day memory.

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