KEYC - Elementary Students Experience Inflatable Planetarium

Elementary Students Experience Inflatable Planetarium

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Wednesday, students got a chance to sit inside an inflatable Sky Dome planetarium at Lake Crystal Wellcome Memorial Elementary.

Eager to learn about the night skies that surround Minnesota, these fourth graders quickly crawled in.

Once inside, a presentation of lights and movement showcased the different stars and planets one could see in the Milky Way.

Mobile Ed Productions' Dave Killion also shared stories about how each constellation got its name and how the skies change from summer to winter.

This is the first time a planetarium has been brought to the school and the boys and girls seemed to enjoy the hour–long trip through space.

LCWM special education paraprofessional and PTO member Jenny Bierma said "Most of the kids have said that it was really awesome. They said it's a little warm in there with a lot of bodies in an enclosed space, but they're finding it really interesting."

The program is put on by Mobile Ed Productions, who demonstrate different types of science for children and schools across the country.

To schedule a time for them to come to your school or organization, you can learn more on its website

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