KEYC - Minnesota Hospital Errors Up Slightly Over Past 4 Years

Minnesota Hospital Errors Up Slightly Over Past 4 Years

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St. Paul , MN -

An annual report says medical errors reported by Minnesota hospitals and surgical centers have been rising slightly for the past four years, and the number of resulting deaths rose in 2017.
The state health department's 14th annual Adverse Health Events report tracks errors that risk patient harm.

Of the 341 adverse events reported, 103 resulted in serious injuries and 12 led to deaths, compared with four deaths in 2016. The most common adverse events remain bedsores, which accounted for 59 percent of the events.

Falls and wrong-site surgeries rose for the second straight year despite prevention efforts. Five of the 12 deaths were associated with falls.

Between October 7th 2016 and October 6th 2017, Mayo Clinic Health System's Mankato Hospital had 9 adverse health events.  One that related in serious injury, a patient fall.

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