The past, present and future of local agriculture was discussed as part of the 'We Have Ag' series.  Today's forum touted the advantages of Southern Minnesota farming.
Megan Roberts, an assistant professor for University of Minnesota said,  "We really have a wealth of natural resources on top of that we have great people.  We have a wonderful higher education system."

The panelists included a cross section of farmers, ag educators, and government, discussing the future of agriculture in the area.

"We are going to see a continuation of some of our traditional farming enterprises... corn, soybean, hogs, they're not going anywhere.  But, at the same time, we are facing some challenging economic times in agriculture right now and I think that does give us some opportunities for niche marketing and new and creative approaches to agriculture."  Megan said.

Despite those challenges, the average farmer spends almost $845,000 in the local community, which equals a huge economic impact.  The group also discussed plans to market Southern Minnesota as a Silicon Valley for agriculture.