MnDOT is cautioning travelers to stay safe throughout today and tomorrow's winter weather event.

Plows have been out since early this morning to minimize the icy conditions on the roads.

MnDOT officials say the wet road conditions are causing patches of ice to form along the highways and will continue to freeze throughout Monday and Tuesday.

Drivers may feel as if they have enough traction to move in some spots, but temperatures can cause certain roads to refreeze.
 "Those will vary, you'll come off different roadways, one road may be fine and others could be very icy," said Jed Falgren, Mechanical Engineer for MnDOT District 7.  "We want drivers to take a little extra time, a lot of extra caution as they drive through this icy area."
MnDOT also says areas such as intersections, bridges and highway ramps freeze the quickest and to use extra caution in those spots.

Snow plow operators like Jon Fitch tend to focus on those specific spots first when beginning their routes.

He stresses that people need to take it easy while driving in these conditions and to respect the plows clearing the roads.
"Give us our space," said Fitch. "Most of the time you're only behind [a plow] for 12 to 15 miles then we're turning around and going the other way.
So stay behind us and turn your headlights on."
Fitch says he's hoping Mother Nature will be kind and bring an early spring but knows in Minnesota, that's a rare case.

----KEYC News 12