KEYC - Schools Release Students Early Due To March Storm

Schools Release Students Early Due To March Storm

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The weather caused many schools to have an early dismissal Monday, but one district will not be put behind for the start of summer break.

Lake Crystal Wellcome Memorial School District was just one district releasing students early.

"We didn't want students to get stranded out on the road on their bus route, so the decision was made to dismiss them at 11 a.m.," Superintendent Tom Farrell said.

Farrell said decisions to cancel school usually come the morning of.

"If we see it snowing out, we'll make a decision that morning," he said.

Which could mean a delay, cancellation, or like in Monday's case, early dismissal.

Since students did come to school in the morning, it counts as a school day. Out of the 3 snow days that the district can use, only 1 has been taken so far.

"We don't expect that we're going to have to go over, however March is a snowy month, plus dealing with all the other weather–related issues," Farrell said.

And while some school got out at 11, other districts, like the Mankato Area Public School District, made the decision a little later and released students at 1 p.m..

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