There are many things in life that can cause stress, and when it gets to be too much, it can lead to a number of health problems.

Mankato Clinic Dr. Magda Pietka said stress is anything that gets us alert.

"It could be a long line in the store, could be you woke up too late, it could be that you have too many things to do at work, and this all causes a response in our body," Pietka said.

However, some stress is good stress.

"It makes us be alive, it makes us do things," she said.

It's when stress gets to be too much that health problems can arise.

"You start to have body aches, start to have headaches, you start to have trouble sleeping, you may start to have joint pain," she said.

You may even start to hold your breath, so Dr. Pietka says take a few moments each day to breathe.

"Every time you think about it, take a couple deep breaths, and there's a lot of stress that goes away," she said.

She said not breathing doesn't give our brains enough oxygen and causes muscles to tense.

Another way to manage stress is determine what stressors can be removed from your day.

"Don't make commitments when you're relaxed, just try to make commitments when you've worked for 12 hours," she said. "Now I'm less likely to add that one more thing."

Adding exercise you enjoy into your day can also take a way some stress.

If stress does become too bad, Dr. Pietka suggests visiting your doctor because it can turn into illness, depression, or anxiety.

--KEYC News 12