With Bethany Lutheran College students on Spring Break, elementary kids filled the campus to learn all sorts of creative arts.

Despite the weather conditions, young students from across the area converged on Bethany Lutheran College to hone in their writing and art skills.

Kids could sign up for a variety of subjects to learn about, everything from line dancing to origami...

Students also got to hear from published authors like Lisa Bolt Simons, who was the event's keynote speaker.

"I think that writing is a skill that is lifelong,so even if they don't go into actual creative writing," said Simons. "I think that being able to use detail can be very important as a job skill."
The Young Writers and Artists Conference was put on by the South Central Service Cooperative which says the event inspires youth, encouraging them to take their own talents to new levels.
"It gives the students and opportunity to meet published authors and artists that they might not have that opportunity in their own classroom." said Mary Hillmann, the coordinator for the program.
Mitch, Cole and Max are students who have been to the conference three years in a row now. They say that the origami session is probably their favorite and although they don't plan on becoming professional writers, they know it's an important skill.
"If you like writing stories it can really help you add different elements to it," said Mitch.
The conference continues through March 7th with plenty more knowledge to go around for these 3rd through 9th grade students.

----KEYC News 12