KEYC - Gov. Dayton Proposes $21 Million in School Safety Improvements

Gov. Dayton Proposes $21 Million in School Safety Improvements

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Today Governor Mark Dayton released his $21 million proposal to improve school safety in Minnesota in light of recent shootings.
The "Safe and Secure Schools Act" would provide $15.9 million toward enhancing safety measures in Minnesota schools if passed.

Dayton's proposal would increase funding for data sharing among schools in regards to expelled students as well as following up with those students post–expulsion.

Another component of the School Safety
Plan is to improve buildings to possibly include secured entrances, bulletproof glass and other classroom security upgrades.

The Act would also set aside an additional $5 million to improve mental health programs, which the governor says will create more accessibility to mental health care for children.
Obviously important that we do a better job as a society of identifying people who are in need, people who are isolated, people who might be prone to acting out behaviors.
It hasn't been established how the $21 million proposal would be funded.

Dayton said he is open to increasing taxes, but would like to see the money come through grants.
The Minnesota Department of Health responded to Dayton's proposal saying

"This is not enough... Too many kids who need to speak to a caring adult will remain in pain. Too many educators will still wonder if tomorrow is the day they step between a student and an AR–15."

Dayton is separately calling for stricter gun laws like expanding background checks and raising the age to buy assault weapons to 21. Those measures face stiff odds in the GOP–controlled Legislature.

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