The Better Business Bureau will be adding one staff member to partner with the Small Business Development Center in Mankato.

BBB is a nonprofit organization that focuses on achieving trust within the marketplace.

One student intern will be working inside the center, assisting local businesses in growth while also helping consumers understand who these businesses are.

The Better Business Bureau has been serving Minnesota since 1912 and while they have provided support to Mankato, the advancement of the area influenced a decision to add a presence in the city.

President and CEO Susan Adams Loyd said "We see a significant growth opportunity in Mankato and North Mankato because consumers and businesses are telling us they are growing and needing services."

SBDC will also serve as a resource for additional staff who travel down to host events and assist in educational seminars. 

Adams Loyd added that a permanent office space in Mankato is a goal for the future.

For more information on the organization, you can visit

- KEYC 12