KEYC - Recent study debunked 5 nutritional myths that are prevailing on

Recent study debunked 5 nutritional myths that are prevailing on Facebook

With social media getting more popular these days, people take everything posted on it, seriously. A recent study exposed 5 myths related to nutrition posted on Facebook.

Edward Redmond of has listed on his blog similar nutritional misconceptions and new findings related to nutrients for health.

Since many centuries, people have been perpetuating various myths and misconceptions and we have been taking them as the holy Word. Now in modern world of internet, people spend hours on social media and go through various posts about health and nutrition. Majority of these posts are either myths or fake. As per the survey conducted by What’s Trending In Nutrition on dietitians, social media is regarded as the worst place to take eating advice.

The survey was conducted by showing various nutritional and dieting posts on social media to the professional dietitians. In the survey, these professionals reported 90% of the posts as a myth or misconception about foods. Among these, Facebook was top on the list with 90% of nutritional misinformation.

According to Leslie Bonci, M.P.H, R.D.N. the owner of Active Eating Advice, “Facebook is full of nutritional misconceptions. But this doesn’t mean that every information shared is wrong”. Leslie further says that it totally depend on the viewer’s diligence. Facebook is a good source for information but one should be careful about the source of the information. The viewer should look for the credit and the person who quoted it.

The survey examined various posts and specifically those spreading information related to nutritional foods. The professionals have thoroughly gone through a large number of them and have debunked five myths and by giving hard facts. 

#1 – Avoid Eating Banana As It Cause Weight Gain

It was mentioned in the post that banana is vilified as it is considered as high sugar food that is related to blood sugar fluctuation. It is the reason that banana leads to weight gain. But it is not the fact. Cassandra Forsythe, Ph.D, says that banana is not high in sugar than any other fruit so it is wrong to say that it will lead to weight gain. Further she mentions that banana is a rich source of potassium that is very essential for muscles, nervous system and brain functioning.

#2 – Lemon Peels Are More Powerful Than Chemotherapy

Another myth was regarding lemon peel which says that it is more powerful for treating cancer than chemotherapy. As per Angela Lemond, R.D.N., it is totally wrong to praise lemon peel more powerful than chemotherapy. Though lemon is a good source of vitamin C and it is also proved in studies that taken in high does is beneficial in preventing cancer.

#3 – Coconut Water Is a Better Drink  than energy drinks After Exercise

According to physiologist Jackie S. Womble, sweating during exercise body loses high amount of sodium that is one of the essential nutrient for our body. Though coconut water is a good drink to stay hydrated but it lacks sodium which is essential to take after workouts. Therefore it is wrong that coconut water is better than energy drinks.

#4 – Avoid Eating Egg Yolks

It is a myth  that egg yolks are high in cholesterol that can increase the risk of coronary artery disease. According to American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the association conducted a research of consumption of egg yolks related to increase in cholesterol. In the research they concluded that egg yolk doesn’t increases cholesterol level rather they are rich in vitamin A, D, B12, K and E, that are very essential nutrients.

#5 – Superfoods Saves From Diseases

There is another myth that superfoods can protect you from any disease attacking you. As per Leslie Bonci, superfoods are good source of nutrition as it contains every vital nutrient that a body requires. But saying that consuming superfoods can protect from diseases is totally wrong. Though it can boost immunity but it is not a superman food that gives holy supernatural power to get protected from diseases.

Similar to these, there are various other myths prevailing on the internet and social media. Edward Richmond, the creator of My Greens Daily, is a professional trainer and blogger who frequently writes on debunking these myths related to nutrition along with vital nutrients for daily lifestyle, tips to choose best nutritional foods and various other that you can read on

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