KEYC - Excellent Conditions Allow Mount Kato To Stay Open Later Than Pa

Excellent Conditions Allow Mount Kato To Stay Open Later Than Past Years

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Mount Kato has been forced to close in early March the past couple of winter seasons.

With frequent fresh snow fall this year, the hill is still in prime condition as we get deeper into March.

“The conditions are about perfect," said Mount Kato General Manager John Nelson

Mount Kato General Manager John Nelson is thrilled not only for his business, but for the customers that can come out and enjoy the hill.

"A lot of people are really excited," said Nelson.  "Especially season pass holders are able to get a little bit longer season out of it, especially the last two years being shorter."

Considering this year has brought more snow than in years past, conditions at the hill have been good nearly all season.

"Everyone is saying they haven't seen anything this nice in a long time," Nelson added.  "With the fresh snow and the temperatures we have had, it's just great.” 

When asked if they were going to take advantage of the extended season, many skiers and snowboarders were quick to answer.

"Perhaps, I'm not sure.  I might take my wife and kids if we can get out here at some point.  It's kind of nice.  The sun is stronger and we had a great snow.  It's still pretty cold out,” said local skier Chris Olson

Last season, Mount Kato had to close a lot earlier than expected.  With great snow conditions, that won't be the case this year as the hill is expecting to stay open, weather permitting, until the end of March.

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