7th graders in the Mankato area got a taste of college life.  MSU hosted their 2nd annual STEAM career pathways day. 

3D printing, robots, and race cars!

That's just a few of the things these students got to see today while exploring careers in STEAM.

Kim Mueller, college readiness coordinator for Mankato Area Public Schools, said:  "I think that they were interested in... number one, coming to a college campus and number two seeing how their interests play out in their future lives in terms of career."

MSU student volunteers took time from their spring break to show 650 of these future engineers around the campus and introduced them to the many fields involved in science and technology.

Alex Guerrero, one of the student volunteers, said:  "You have to make an impression on the younger generation, I actually wanted to be a teacher for the longest time, just because I'd love to have an influence on someone's life earlier in life.  If I can make a positive influence on someone, you know, you're only helping the world!"

Even though college may be a few years off for these kids, the organizers of the event think it is never too early to start thinking about a career.

"This event gives students, especially middle school students, a chance to explore in ways that they haven't had in the classroom and these exploration opportunities give them more doors that they can open to learn more for their future." Mueller mentioned.