Thursday, the city of Mankato looked to clean up some cracks in the road that have been causing problems for residents.

Potholes were the priority of the day for city workers as they drove around town repairing these small craters spread out across Mankato's streets.

These dips are created following a couple factors, one of which is water melting into cracks due to recent warm temperatures.

The other are cold nights, which not only freeze the water but expand it causing what these men are fixing this afternoon.

City of Mankato's superintendent of streets Joe Grabianowski said "It's kind of a year–round process. It kind of dies down when everything is frozen and we don't have a lot of freeze thaw cycles, it kind of slows sown. Now, that we get the warm temperatures, it melts during the day and then it freezes at night and we get a lot more potholes."

There of plenty of potholes to fill as many streets contain these small breaks.

The process of repairing them is quite simple and with winter temperatures still in effect, Mankato is using a specific material to speed up the procedure.

The city is using what's called a "cold asphalt mix" and how it works is after they clear out debris and water from the pothole, they pack down the mix which immediately hardens and provides one less bump in the road.

The community actually plays a part in this as well, for vehicles continuously driving over the mix help pack it in and tighten up the seal.

However, the sustainability varies with each pothole and car owners are advised to be on the look for signs of a potential hazard.

Owner of Austin's Auto Repair Lynn Austin said "If you see water sitting in the road where you've never seen it sitting there before, usually it's a very good indication that all of the sudden overnight, a pothole has occurred. It's best to try and avoid it or slow down so you don't hit it with such a terrible jarring motion."

Damage to vehicles from potholes include misalignment, which can cause a vehicle to pull one way over the other as well as the loosening of ball joints that are linked to steering loss and tire wear.

The city of Mankato plans to continue administering care to streets over the next couple of days.

- KEYC 12