A steady stream of nutrition poured into a funnel, leading to a single plastic bag.

That pouch means survival for millions of children across the globe.

"Kids Against Hunger," a nonprofit organization determined to not only help hungry children in the U.S. but all over the world, were happy to see volunteers assist in the event, an occasion that has been missing for a while.

Director Tim Stromer said, "Just been a long time coming. For 12 years we've had starving kids, took that five year hiatus and now we're back at it again. So, this is literally like a dream come true, very cool."

Teams of ten lined up in unison with each person having their own job to do.

Following a strict but simple procedure, kids and adults were eager to pack as much food as they could.

In each bag are four ingredients that will provide a full day's worth of nutrition. Soy, vitamin powder, vegetables, and rice. With each bag being able to feed six starving children.

Man Cave Craft Eats, a Minneapolis–based company, sponsors KAH's packing events through a campaign called the "Bite Back" initiative.

Through the partnership, one million meals are expected to be donated by spring, a testament to the individuals who enjoy helping those in need.

Volunteer Ann Coughlin said, "I remember when I was younger, we used to do it. I did it a couple times and I always loved doing it. It's always a satisfying thing to do so I figured I come out here. I texted my whole family and got some of them out here."

In two hours, the group was able to pack more than 5,000 meals or more than 800 bags, well surpassing its goal of 4,000 for the day.

The 24 boxes prepared is equivalent to feeding 14 kids for an entire year and afterward, everyone got to sample the product they created and what families will be receiving.

To be a hosting site for a "Kids Against Hunger" packing event or to donate, you can call 507-387-5437 or email Stromer at tim@kidsagainsthungermankato.org.

- KEYC 12