State lawmakers met with community members in Mankato and Saint Peter to discuss legislation or issues they'd like to see addressed this session.

Sen. Nick Frentz joined Reps. Clark Johnson and Jack Considine to speak about bills and topics they'll be pursuing.

Members of each city had an opportunity to ask questions or voice their concerns over matters like school counseling, the 2nd amendment and local problems.

Dialogue lasted an hour and a half in both locations and the lawmakers say they were pleased about the opportunity to listen and share their thoughts regarding concerns in their area.

Rep. Clark Johnson (DFL-North Mankato) said, "I'm always thrilled to hold these town halls because you get to listen to your neighbors and it adds to our understanding what people are thinking about. Fundamentally, when we go to Saint Paul we're there to represent the people in our district. Also, I'm always struck by the depth of understanding and commitment that our neighbors have on these issues. That's a sign that the democracy is healthy."

Sen. Nick Frentz (DFL- North Mankato) said, "I think it's fantastic to have friends and neighbors come out and tell you what they think, debate the issues. I also thought it was surprisingly civil today. People listening to each other, disagreeing but still getting a few thoughts across and telling us what matters."

This legislative session ends by May 22.

- KEYC 12