KEYC - Fire Officials Receive Training on Homemade Explosives

Fire Officials Receive Training on Homemade Explosives

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Fire Officials throughout Minnesota had the opportunity of to sit through an awareness course on homemade explosives.

Homeland Security and New Mexico Tech presented an eight- hour class on the subject. 

Department of Public Safety's Training Commander of the Fire Division Ed Hoffman said officials learned how to prevent, interdict, and respond to threats of Homemade Explosions.

"A lot of our firefighters have been through this, it's a refresher for some, it's a new topic for many of them," said Hoffman. "Just improving our safety, so if were ever to be called to this type of incident, we know how to respond better and safely."

This is the first of four trainings that will happen throughout the state.

The next three courses will be in Mystic Lake, Elk River, and Minneapolis.