As we age, it becomes even more important to keep our brains engaged.

From a young age, kids are interested about learning new things, so what Mankato Clinic's Dr. Pietka suggests is to take this from your childhood and use it as an adult.

"Around middle school, we've already killed a lot of their natural interests," Dr. Pietka said. "So we have to go back and say, 'what did you like as a kid?'"

She says keeping your brain active isn't always about doing puzzles, instead, it's about finding the things you like to do.

"Just keep learning new things, and it doesn't have to be any particular thing, just whatever you enjoy," she said.

It's important to add the things that keep your brain active now because, she said, "If you get mentally lazy, you age much faster."

Which, in turn, affects the quality of your life later in life.

"It keeps you young, it keeps you independent," Dr. Pietka said. "We all want to be independent as long as possible."

--KEYC News 12