KEYC - St. Peter Moves Forward With Tobacco 21 Ordinance

St. Peter Moves Forward With Tobacco 21 Ordinance

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Regardless of Mankato and North Mankato's decision to hold off on a new tobacco ordinance, St. Peter City Council voted to move forward with raising the age of tobacco sales to 21 at Monday night's city council meeting.
"We decided to be those leaders and vote to change our ordinance or at least go towards the path of changing our ordinance," St. Peter councilman Jeff Brand said. 
But there are some steps to be made before any permanent changes are made.
"This doesn't change the age. This really just sets the stage for them to make a decision somewhere 33, 34, 35 days from now," St. Peter City Administrator Todd Prafke said. 
Within that time period, Prafke says he must notify all tobacco-selling businesses that a change is being considered.
"To let them know here's what the draft is of the change and here is when the council will be talking about that," he said. 
Brand says movement at the state level helped lead to last night's vote to move forward.
"Things have kind of evolved a little bit and it gives us a little bit of a good feeling that something's going to happen at the state level and hopefully this will help tip that balance," Brand said. 
But Brand also says the decision isn't official, and the topic will continue to be hashed out in the future.
"If enough people decided at the city council level that that's not what they want they still have enough time to voice their concerns," he said. 
A date for the final vote has yet to be determined.

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