If you like barbecue and trying new things then you will love the Smoqehouse!

The restaurant is located inside Faribault West Mall. 

Owner Heidi Kubes said their brisket burger, fresh hand-cut fries and signature sauce are sure to amaze. 

"We have our house brisket burger, which has house smoked brisket, we grind it, mix it with ground chuck and make a hand patty burger out of it," said Kubes.

 "It's topped with house–smoke cheddar cheese, caramelized onions and our "Smoq'n Sauce"which has quickly become a fan favorite.

Kubes said they do not consider themselves a barbecue joint, but they take pride in smoking everything they serve.

"We're a little bit more barbecue fusion so that's the one thing that throws people off," said Kubes. 

"Some people come in with the expectations that we are straight barbecue, which we do ribs and all that stuff,  but our focus is just playing with smoke." 

Heidi's husband, Andy Kubes built all of the decor for their family-owned restaurant using wood. 

"Our logos of our animal heads are hand–painted and designed by him., everything is just kind of just very crafty from the food to the décor of every restaurant."

This is not the only location. Heidi and Andy have a Smoqehouse in Northfield, Minnesota and Bradenton Beach, Florida. 

--KEYC News 12