It was a somber 17 minutes.

Kids and teachers stoically walked past posters showing the names and faces of the 17 people that were killed in Parkland, Florida one month ago today.

Anja Bungedulin, one of the student organizers, said:  "It was really meaningful to all the students and the teachers that they were able to see face to face the victims.  It's much more personal when you see the photos of the people up close and you get to know who they are."

A group of students got permission from the school and organized a walkout that not only called for action in preventing school shootings, but remembered those who died in the tragedy.

Organizer Mara Johnson said:  "I thought the experience was really amazing I was really pleasantly surprised on how people from even the community came, I wasn't expecting many people to show up but it was great to see both teachers and students and the community members come and how they really took it seriously."

Before the walkout started at 10am, a presentation was held in the auditorium, urging students to speak up in order to prevent violence.

Student organizers think school violence can be prevented through gun control and noticing the warning signs of a potential shooter.

Nora Leonard, a student and planner of the walkout, said:  "They withdraw from others, and they start thinking about violence and stuff.  You can notice that sometimes they'll start bullying more and then a lot of people post on social media, like empty, these seemingly empty threats that turn out to be real."

After the walkout, students signed a pledge that they will say something if they notice a student who shows the warning signs.