You're not alone... It's not your fault...You're important... We believe.  It is hoped the slogans on the signs will give comfort to victims of domestic violence and encourage them to speak out.

Jason Mack, executive director of Committee Against Domestic Abuse, said:  "Domestic violence isn't just physical violence.  So people could be being verbally abused they could be being isolated, maybe their partner is stalking them, or monitoring their social media." 

The goal of Action Day is to bring attention to domestic and sexual violence.  All around Minnesota, events are being held to bring attention to those suffering in silence.

Liz Richards, executive director of Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women, said:  "We think the way in which domestic violence is going to end is that we need full community engagement, that for too long we have seen this as a law enforcement issue to solve... the criminal justice system and while they are a critical component.  If all we focus on is criminal justice intervention, we never get into the prevention realm." 

The Committee Against Domestic Abuse was chosen to host Action Day in Mankato, thanks to all the work they have done to help abuse victims.

"It's really an honor to be a part of it and see all these partners coming in and working together on this issue."  Mack said.

If today's events convince even one person to speak up to stop violence, Action Day will be considered a success.

Mack also added:  "We can end domestic violence in our communities."