For nine days, the MSU soccer team escaped the Minnesota winter last month traveling to Costa Rica for a trip the Mavericks won't forget.

KEYC News 12 Sports Rob Clark caught up with the Mavs to share their experience.

“Definitely a trip of a lifetime, it was so fun to play different teams. There was a lot of adjusting we had to do with just how they play, and their different styles. It was awesome to get away and be in warm weather,” said Alexa Rabune, MSU sophomore goalkeeper.

“It was awesome to be in a different setting and not have the stresses of school and being a college student. We just got to focus on soccer, and being with each other, and making those relationships,” said Bri Ciaccio, MSU sophomore midfielder.

“Costa Rica was really cool because we got to play teams that have different playing styles than we do, they’re really good technically and on the ball, so it was a nice challenge,” said Maddy Burandt, MSU junior midfielder.

“It was the first international trip we’ve done. We’ve gone to Hawaii and stuff, but getting a chance to go to Costa Rica, experience a new culture, a new way of playing the game, seeing a lot of things. We participated in a community service project with some under-privilege children, there were just a lot of powerful moments over the course of the nine days we were there, and I think it’s definitely a trip our team won’t forget, and it brought us together closer as a team,” said Brian Bahl, MSU head coach.

“We got to do a lot of unique experiences, we got to go to a waterfall, and playing against teams from other countries was a really cool experience,” said Ciaccio. 

“It was just really relaxing not having to focus on school or anything else, just focus on soccer and the team,” said Burandt.

“It definitely brought us all closer together, we’ve always had a really good bond as a team. We all just click together really well, from the freshmen to the senior class, so it was awesome,” said Rabune.

--KEYC News 12