Pub 500 is a local favorite and for good reason. The restaurant exhibits a warm and welcoming environment, through their food and friendly staff. 

Proprietor Tom Frederick said he wants everyone to feel at home, when they visit his spot. 

"We like to be very friendly, open, welcoming to anybody that wants to come in, and just enjoy a nice atmosphere," said Frederick. 

The 14–year–old eatery is more than a pub, it is a good time waiting to happen.

They have free poker, open–mic nights, and their famous and highly attended "Thursday Trivia Nights."

"We've been doing trivia since 2004, and we have had to make it fairly difficult, because we've got some tremendously talented teams in here," said Frederick.

"We've got groups of teachers, groups of students, so we've got a lot of variety of people that come in here.”

One aspect that the restaurant takes pride in, is catering to people with varying eating habits. 

They use vegan, vegetarian, and gluten–free focus groups. The teams share thoughts on specific dishes, before the pub makes them available. 

The restaurant has a lot of history and special moments instilled in its decor and recipes. For instance, Frederick's trip to Italy inspired him to add Bruschetta to the menu.

If you would like to know more about these special moments, stop by and try an entree and special drink, and ask Frederick the story behind it. 

--KEYC News 12