Round two of Highway 22's reconstruction between Mankato and Mapleton is just around the corner, with detours expected to go up in mid April.
"We're going to start this project April 16th. That's when the detour starts up. And then it'll go until mid-September. Stage two, the second year of the highway 22 project we've got from county road 15 south to Beauford, and we're reconstructing that entire area. And we're reconstructing county road 15 to add left turn lanes, right turn lanes, to make it a lot safer for the traveling public. We're also doing from county 15 north to county road 90 and adding a roundabout at 90 and 22."

As with last year's construction, this year's will come with a big detour around the work site on highway 83.

While it may not be the quickest, it was chosen for safety.

"People can follow these wayfinding routes and detours to get themselves to the businesses on 22 and 90, and landowners getting in and out. We've set up a good plan for this. Only those going to those local businesses should be traveling through there. Everyone else, please stick to the detour for safety reasons."

There will be one more year of construction on the highway in 2019, but that will be more cosmetic.

"It's going make this whole project come together in a year. Very beautiful. Memorial for all of our veterans. Being a veteran myself, I take great pride in this project. All three projects over three years to make this really nice."

-- KEYC News 12.