The Dam Store located near the Rapidan Dam Park might be the best place to get fresh pie.

Owner of The Dam Store Jim Hruska said him and his late wife Linda, bought the store in 1972.   

Linda died about two years ago, after a long fight dementia. Jim now runs the place with his son David and his daughter Jenny. 

"My mom helped then, her name was Gen Thatcher, it was Genevieve, but we called her Gen and she helped us till 77," said Jim. 

History is plastered throughout the walls of this family-owned restaurant. From the old payphone, to the light switch, to the old pictures, the stores prides itself on keeping things traditional. 

They serve several items like hamburgers and potato salads,but nothing reels in a crowd like their freshly-made pies.

Shop Baker Jenny said she was taught by an elderly lady. 

"She did the pies for us for about 15 years, her name was Erna Lange, and she lived to be in her mid-90s," said Jenny.

 "And we asked her one day if she’d be interested in teaching me.”  

Ms. Lange agreed and taught Jenny over 20  pie recipes.

David said the store has made over 60 to 70 different pies over the years, with a good amount coming from Ms. Lange. 

“The original from Erna probably what 25 different kinds, and then we kind of created some other ones off of her pies and recipes, that people have told us about," said David. 

This place is far from boring, but most importantly everyone is welcome! 

--KEYC News 12