Dave's River Valley Harley Davidson is revved up about a cause, autism awareness.  It is something Dave and Colleen Desmarais, owners of the Harley dealership, are very passionate about.

Colleen Desmarais said:  "We have a son, whose 17 right now and there was a period in time where we did not know what was wrong with him or how to help him and it was like the lowest point in his life, it was so hard."

Having a child on the spectrum comes with unique challenges, but these kids are very gifted in many ways.

"A lot of kids with autism have very high IQs and our son is perfectly happy reading all the time and like any other teenager, gaming, but he reads consistently, but he's totally fine being by himself.  We have to remind him to do different things; did you eat today, did you do this today, did you do that today?  They forget." Dave Desmarais said.

The dealership is raising money for Autism Speaks, a national organization dedicated to helping kids and adults who are on the autism spectrum.

"The motorcycling community in its self donates greatly to a lot of different things.  The motorcycling community gives back, whether it's in time, donations, raising awareness." Dave also mentioned.

All month long they will be accepting donations, and in the future they hope to arrange a benefit motorcycle ride for Autism Speaks.

If you would like to donate, Dave's River Harley Davidson is located at 1200 N. River Dr.