Film buffs gathered today at Bethany Lutheran College as the "Speechless Film Festival" enters its second day.
The festival showcases films made both by professionals as well as students in the national and international arenas.

This year marks the 6th year that Speechless has taken place, being presented by Bethany Lutheran in coordination with other schools in the area.
Some of the directors whose films are being screened were available to share their stories and give advice on filmmaking.
"We are really excited. I believe we're welcoming more filmmakers in from California and New York than we've ever had before," said Amanda Quist, Director of Programming for the festival. "We're really excited about not only the films that we're showing but also people that are coming and the people that are speaking about those films."
Speechless Film Festival kicked off Thursday and ends tomorrow night. For more information visit the festival's website

----KEYC News 12