It may be an accomplishment to keep a secret from over 500 students and staff...
"It's a really big secret. Four people within the district really know what's going on," St. James Food Service Director Abby Grove said. 
But an even bigger accomplishment to become the recipient of a WEM Outstanding Educator Award.
"He has no idea. His family has no idea, so, I'm really excited to see his face," Grove said.
Prominent Health and P.E. teacher at St. James, Mr. Chapin, became one of six teachers in the state to accept this year's award.
"In our world in education, everyone works really hard. So, to be honored like this is a huge accomplishment," Chapin said.
The WEM Award recognizes educators and their role in helping all students achieve academically in a variety of settings.

Nominator Abby Grove says Mr. Chapin does exactly that, and more.
"Mr. Chapin has the enthusiasm that I wish I had every day. He comes in and he not only cares about the students but he also works really hard," Grove said.
To provide students educational opportunities both in and outside of the classroom.
"Everything that I put into my teaching is about the kids and experiences," Chapin said.
After 22 years as an educator, and always putting his students first the district came together, dedicating a day to return the favor.
Mr. Chapin will receive $15,000 as part of the award. He will be officially recognized at an award luncheon on May 19.