Winter weather is taking a toll on some businesses that depend on the spring.

Dairy Queen West in Mankato opened for the season on March 31, the latest it's ever opened.

"We typically try to open mid–March," owner JoRae Galli Storm said. "So we watch the weather reports and pick a date, and this year, we really didn't know what date to pick."

Galli Storm said persistent winter weather this spring has put the business at an all–time–low.

Not only are workers' hours being cut, they're also paying to have their lot plowed, something they normally wouldn't have to do.

"For us, every week that goes by with cold weather, really affects us from a business perspective," Galli Storm said. "We're already tens of thousands of dollars behind last year's sales, so that's difficult."

The weekend's blizzard isn't stopping some loyal customers from getting ice cream.

"I was happy that it opened because I was here last year and as many years since I started at West high school," customer Sara Yusuf said. "I like chocolate, so I come here for a chocolate shake."

However, it doesn't seem like winter has quite reached its end, so Galli Storm is now planning ahead for the next batch of snow.

"Now with Wednesday around the corner, we're looking at staffing and we'll just have to take it as it comes," she said.

--KEYC News 12