The Minnesota DNR recently released its plan for future deer management practices and is seeking public comment.
Whether it's archery or firearms, deer hunters generate about $500 million in economic activity for the state each year.

The deer management plan outlines a ten–year strategy to maintain not only deer population, but many other resources affected by it.

Ideally, Minnesota DNR would like to see an average statewide harvest of 200,000 deer each year over the next ten years, the data is recorded every season by deer hunters.
"Hunters harvest a deer through either the website or a phone call. They register that deer individually in that deer permit area," said Joe Stangel, Assistant Area Wildlife Manager for Minnesota DNR. "It's extremely important data for us to have because that is the data that we use to help predict the population and then predict the next year's regulations."
Tonight's meeting was the first to kick off a series of meetings across Minnesota. 

To see the full plan, upcoming meetings and to submit a comment, visit the DNR's page for the management plan

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