The Landing on Madison is proud of their great customer service, fun atmosphere, and great scenery they can offer to their guests. 

Owner Mark Bisch said the area does extremely well in the summer, so they are looking forward to the warm weather. 
"I think two weeks from now it's going to be incredibly busy because people are, have cabin fever," said Bisch.

"And they're ready to get out and so without a doubt it's going to have a little financial impact for these few weeks." 
Warmer weather means more customers, more opportunities to have fun events, and new additions to their menu.

Manager Mari Tacheny said they are adding a new burger called, "The Mr. Big." The large burger is named after the owner.   
"It's the largest burger on our menu, it starts with three hand-crushed patties of beef totaling one pound," said Tacheny.

"We season it with our own special blend of seasoning, and then it's topped with a variety of things."

The Landing on Madison also does fine dining on the weekends, with items like the Osso Buco, a big-seller from the menu.
The restaurant will expand its tiki bar this summer, and of course there will be live music bands. 

--KEYC News 12