WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) is a healthy fast-food restaurant, located on Front Street. The shop produces all organic and gluten-free options for people in the Mankato area. 

Founders Marie Farley Christensen and Kristi Schuck opened the restaurant, to continue a healthy lifestyle, they began while their husbands battled cancer. 

“We don’t have any refined flour, or any preservatives or anything, any chemicals in our food," said Farley Christensen."

 "And there isn’t anything, any hidden agenda here.”

 Kristi Schuck said both of their husbands battled Colorectal Cancer, and both passed away from the terminal disease. 

“Through their cancer journey, we found juicing, we found nutrition, it was a way to support their health," said Schuck.

"In doing that, we ate better, we juiced more, and felt better, and enjoyed more optimal health.”

The women created a special week-long event, to remember their husbands, and how they coped with their grief. 

 “They died 10 years apart and a week, and so every year from April 27 to May 4, we’ve chose to call it our 'Week of Hope,'"said Farley Christensen.

"Hope is a prevailing theme in our juice bar, and also in our lives, that it’s really what sustains us, keeps us going."

Their menu contains healthy yet flavorful juices, delectable salads, numerous mouth-watering smoothies for a nice day, and a place to enjoy it. 

The shop is also a gluten- free zone. 

This restaurant has ready-to-go salads, and cold-pressed juices, made with their amazing juicer.

"Week of Hope" will feature buy one get one 50 percent off juices, salad and juice combinations, smoothie special, their special “Hope Juice," and more. 

--KEYC News 12