An annual celebration overseas made its way to one community Saturday afternoon.

"May Day" is an event in which those from the Czech Republic proclaim the start of spring.

Montgomery, a town who prides itself on showcasing a different red, white and blue held its second annual May Day event.

Mayor John Grimm said "The heritage in this area, they support things very strongly. It's a wonderful way that they are hanging on to their Czech heritage in this area."

The most anticipated segment of the day, the iconic raising of the May pole.

Dozens of children and adults helped carry this 50 plus foot pine tree to its designation where it would be decorated.

Following a battle with the wind and plenty of teamwork, the May pole stood tall near Downtown Montgomery, not having to fear about other towns looking to chop it down.

One of the organizers Jim Mladek said "In the process, you have to guard your tree so that another community doesn't come along and take it or burn it up. We're not to that point in this area right now but in the Czech Republic it is something they have to be concerned about. So, they have to stand guard and watch the tree all the while that it's sitting there."

A ribbon dance followed the monumental feat as girls moved around portraying a colorful display.

Of course, the roots continued into the stomachs of those in attendance for Czech treats were handed out continuously.

The tree plans to stay up on the corner of Vine Avenue and First Street until Kolacky Days in July.

- KEYC 12