Bank Spam is the mailings you often get, after applying for a mortgage. 
Knutson and Casey Attorney Randall Knutson said there are steps to avoid the unwanted mail. Knutson said there are issues with bank spam, but for one family, it was more than an inconvenience. 

The attorney said a mother and daughter are suing Wells Fargo, after the bank allegedly gave out the duo's personal information, to mortgage lenders.
"The daughter was sexually assaulted, a young man broke into the home, sexually assaulted her, and charges were brought against him," said Randall.

"And there was concern that she might be injured or killed by the perpetrator, and so she was put into the Minnesota Safe at Home Program."
Through the program, the duo bought a home from Wells Fargo, through a mortgage, and moved to a secret location.

Knutson said during the process, the Safe at Home program sat with Wells Fargo, and went over the guidelines of the program.
"Wells Fargo was not allowed to disclose their address, their secret home of course, and my client started getting mail from Wells Fargo at their secret home, in violation of the Safe at Home Act," said Knutson.

"Then they started getting mail from vendors with their name on it, mortgage vendors, then they went and talked to Wells Fargo and it continued to occur."
The mail of the family is sent to the Secretary of State's office, so when they receive mail with their name on it, that is considered a red flag.

Knutson said things like this can happen to anyone.

"When you apply for a mortgage, if you're not careful, what can happen is these trigger ads can go out there," said Knutson.

"Either through the mortgage company like Wells Fargo, or some other bank or through your credit reporting agency, that looks you up, or that gets run when you get the mortgage, they can sell your information."
He said when you receive a new mortgage, or refinance your home, suddenly phone calls and spam in the mail pour in.
Knutson said when you get your home mortgage, you can talk to your mortgage provider, who should have  programs where you can opt out of spam.

He said that on their website, there are several do not call sites, that people can register with as well.

--KEYC News 12